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Delving Deeper into “Return of the Living Dead III” – A Brian Yuzna Cult Classic


“Return of the Living Dead III” stands as a unique sequel that successfully combines with romance. Known for its distinctive mixture of a tragic story with a zombie apocalypse, the movie screams entertaining eccentricity more akin to a Roger Corman or Troma film-making course.

Key Takeaways:
– “Return of the Living Dead III” is an entertaining sequel that merges a tragic love story with zombie horror
– Directed by multi-talented Brian Yuzna, the film is hailed for its excellent special effects and makeup
– Despite deviating from two films in tone, the movie holds merit in its genre
– Though not universally acclaimed, the film deserves a deeper look for the dedication put into its production and storytelling approach

A Breakaway Success

The film series kicked off with the breakthrough success of “Return of the Living Dead,” which became a rock-solid classic grossing $14 million against a $4 million budget. Its allure stemmed largely from its deviation from George A Romero's original trilogy, formulating its unique rules. After making a significant impression, the second installment emerged under the care of producer Tom Fox, who personally funded it assuming success. Despite not doing as well at the box office, conversations for a third film were already in the pipeline.

Brian Yuzna – The Man Behind the Screen

Known for his proven success in writing, directing and producing, Brian Yuzna was the preferred choice to helm “Return of the Living Dead III.” The prized had been nurturing the desire of creating a sequel to the original movie. His previous acclaimed works include the macabre, society-focused “Society,” the bridal horror “Bride of Re-Animator,” and the bone-chilling “The Dentist.” Considered a triple threat in the industry, Yuzna decided to transform a creature into the main character this time, bringing Melinda Clarke on board to embody this role. Clarke experienced a surge in her career post this movie, subsequently securing significant roles in various shows including “The OC” and “Nikita.”

The Unique Plot

Set against the backdrop of a base, the movie begins with the 's experiment of using the living dead as weapons. A young couple, Curt and Julie, portrayed by J Trevor Edmund and Melinda Clarke respectively, clandestinely sneaks into the military base managed by Curt's father, John, represented by Kent McCord. They watch in horror as a corpse is revived and soon, chaos ensues. Sparking a series of events, the movie questions the lengths one could go for love, with Curt reanimating Julie after a mild motorcycle accident leads to her death.

Analyzing the Quality

The differentiating factor in “Return of the Living Dead III” comes from the manner it deviates from typical zombie horror norms. In comparison to its predecessors, part III may feel alien due to its shift in tone and zombie portrayal, which somewhat lacks the humor of the first two installments. Nonetheless, this does not diminish its value. The extensive death and gore, the retro nudity coupled with outstanding special effects and makeup are admirable aspects. Furthermore, the movie isn't oblivious to its shortcomings, neither does it attempt to be an imperishable classic. Instead, it prides itself on being a black sheep, begging for respect and recognition for the heart the poured into its creation.

In Summation

“Return of the Living Dead III” navigates areas usually overlooked by conventional , delivering humor, suspense, gore, and a surprisingly poignant romance concurrently. More than a zombie horror film, it's a testament to Brian Yuzna's unique film-making approach, ideally suited for an audience of horror hounds and straight-to- devotees alike. Despite its quirks, the film prompts appreciation for the filmmakers' dedication, challenging to deeply examine it in order to fully comprehend its merit and worth. As such, this underappreciated gem invites each viewer to give it the deserved recognition and perhaps, a spot in their physical media collection.

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