#BoycottNFL Goes Viral After Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Protest

#BoycottNFL is trending after Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest sparks controversy.

When Colin Kaepernick first started his silent protest against social injustice in America, many people pointed their finger and laughed at the NFL quarterback. But, his silent movement is becoming a boisterous voice in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, many people are boycotting the NFL until football players start standing during the National Anthem. Colin Kaepernick's choice to squat during the National Anthem has pissed off many, to the point that #boycottNFL is currently trending on Twitter. Of course, the hashtag's popularity has many people up in arms and even many calling it a joke. Few players have since joined the San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback in protest including, former teammate and Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall. Marshall took a knee last night prior to the team's season-opening win over Super Bowl rivals, Carolina Panthers. In a post-game conference, Marshall told reporters he didn't just take a knee, but he will also donate money to the U.S. military veterans. Marshall went on to say: “The message is I’m against social injustice. I’m not against the military or police or America at all. I’m against social injustice and I feel like this was the right thing to do,” he continued, according to

“I feel like this is the right platform. This is our only platform to really be heard … I feel like a lot of times people want us to just shut up and entertain them, shut up and play football. But we have voices as well. We’re actually educated individuals that went to college.”

“So when we have an opinion and we speak it, I feel like a lot of people bash us for what we have to say,” Marshall concluded.

And while many people may be taking the movement as a joke, NBC's NFL Kickoff Game ratings were down 7% in comparison to previous seasons.

According to TheWrap, "The Denver Broncos one-point win over the Carolina Panthers posted a 16.5 overnight rating, down 7 percent from last year’s 17.7. Last night had a 29 share, 2015 boasted a 30."

Here are a few reactions to the #BoycottNFL hashtag:

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