Avatar Movie Idea Originally Stolen?

Not According to the Judge. James Cameron, the director of the hit film Avatar, was being sued!

Cameron was accused of plagiarizing, and not originally creating the idea for the movie Avatar. A former employee was suing Cameron by the name of Eric Ryder. Ryder wrote a script by the name of K.R.Z.2068, which he felt was very similar to Avatar. However, a judge in California viewed each side’s argument and felt as though Avatar was independently created. Ryder’s attorneys may consider appealing the decision. There was a verbal war of continuous statements released by Cameron and Ryder. Both Cameron and released statements and stating why they believe the other is wrong. Ryder continued to accuse Cameron of stealing his idea. And Cameron accused Ryder of being another individuals who is looking for a pay day, just like many other individuals try to do whenever a movie is a box office hit. What do you think of Cameron's argument against Ryder? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!