Aspiring Actress Reveals How a 'Law & Order' Audition Ruined Her Acting Career

Law & Order is one of the shows that launches nearly every working actor's acting career.

For instance, nearly every actor you see on Netflix's Orange is the New Blackstarted on Law & Order in some shape or form. But, it's not hard to believe. Law & Order constantly needs new actors every episode since each week the storyline is different with dozens of new characters. Therefore, any New York actor knows, if they want to boost their acting career, or improve their acting chops they have to land a role on Law & Order. Well for many actors this process can be amazing. But, for others it can be terrifying. Dr. Cooper Lawrence from recently revealed how a Law & Order audition ruined her career forever. She explains that she was able to start dating the director of Law & Order which helped her land an audition with the show's casting director. Needless to say, it doesn't go very well.

A bearded man said, "So, you’re the friend of Nathan’s?" Not "a" friend but "the" friend, like he knew who I was and how I got there. Then a woman in a suit said, "OK, begin when you’re ready."

I decided to go for it and do the best I could under the circumstances. When I was done, the room was quiet. The bearded man broke the silence with, "Wow. You must be a really good kisser." Oof. I wanted to die. I ran out of the room and went to Nathan’s. He put a call into the casting office to ask how I did. "Not good," he was told. He asked if I could maybe play a dead body instead in an upcoming episode, for the credit. "That’s probably not a good idea," they said. "She wasn’t even good enough to play a dead body."

Ouch. She was so bad she couldn't even play a background extra on Law & Order.

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