[WATCH] Casting Directors Reveal What Actors Should Wear to an Audition

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Casting directors reveal what actors should wear to an audition.

Here's what you should wear on your next audition.

Acting auditions are like the job interviews for actors. Casting directors watch or see hundreds of aspiring actors read lines and then they are forced to choose the best actor out of thousands of submissions. Some actors are extremely good at auditions. Using their voice, movements, and acting abilities they can easily impress the casting director and land a major role in a movie. While others are not as talented. However, there are little things you can do to impress a casting director without taking a single acting class. One thing you can do is to know what to wear during your audition. In an amazing video by Arvold Casting, the casting director for several Netflix TV series and AMC's hit TV show TURN, Erica Arvold reveals what an actor should wear to an audition. If you have anything you’d like answered, please send Arvold Casting an email at [email protected]. Continue Reading:

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