Entertainment NewsAlan Ritchson Pegged by Fans as a Potential Venom for MCU's Spider-Man

Alan Ritchson Pegged by Fans as a Potential Venom for MCU’s Spider-Man


Key Takeaways:
* The fourth installment of Spider-Man might have Eddie Brock, also known as Venom.
* Fan-favorite is the top choice to play the character Eddie Brock.
* Ritchson's name is also making the rounds for another iconic superhero role, Batman, in DCU.
* However, his commitment to Reacher and the cinematic future of Eddie Brock character could provide challenges.

Alan Ritchson, a possible new face for Eddie Brock?

As swirling regarding the fourth episode of Spider-Man indicate the possible entrance of Venom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), across the globe voice their firm support for Alan Ritchson to don the character of Eddie Brock. Until an official announcement from Marvel or , however, this remains speculation.

The future of Venom in the Spider-Man Series

Presently, delivers the character of Venom, though he announced that he's bowing out after his final appearance in The Last Dance. This announcement certainly intensifies the long-standing rumor of Venom making its way to the Spider-Man series. Hardy, without a doubt, was scintillating in his portrayal of Eddie Brock. The uncertainty remains: Will the MCU be willing to introduce a new face for an iconic character?

Should , the mastermind behind MCU, consider reintroducing the character of Eddie Brock, fans that Alan Ritchson could prove to be an ideal replacement. Ritchson's robust physical stature aligns with comic interpretations of Eddie Brock, which may significantly contribute to an accurate representation of the character.

Fantasy Casting for Ritchson

Earlier, Ritchson popularly emerged as a potential candidate for DCU's Batman role due to his tall and athletic build, matching the profound character. Fans of Ritchson have shared tweets echoing this sentiment, displaying their appreciation for his and charisma.

Roadblocks to Ritchson's Superhero Journey

The overwhelming popularity Ritchson has gained through his portrayal of Reacher in Amazon's adaptation of Lee Child's novels certainly enhances his chances. However, the actor's desire to play Batman and his commitments towards Reacher might present complications. Ritchson has vowed to continue his Reacher role, provided his “body will allow”, underlining his dedication towards the character.

In addition, the artistry in Batman's character calls for considerable dramatic prowess, an essential trait exhibited by actors like Christian Bale and . Ritchson's dramatic flare remains untested, which could potentially impact his chances of clinching the role.

Also, the threequel of Venom plans to render a fitting end to Eddie Brock's character in Sony's universe. Consequently, MCU might decide to steer clear of re-opening this character in their cinematic universe.

The Verdict

Certainly, the overwhelming fan support and his physical attributes position Ritchson favorably for the role of Eddie/Venom. It will be an interesting development to witness how both Marvel and DCU react to fans' clamor for Alan Ritchson. Until any official announcement from either franchise, however, this fantasy casting remains pure speculation.

With Venom: The Last Dance slated for release in October 2024, the fate of Alan Ritchson's superhero prospects in both DCU and MCU continues to hang in the balance.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the unfolding developments in the world of superhero franchises and their casting choices.


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