Acting Resumé Tips to Boost Your Acting Career

Acting Resume

Acting Resume

How to create an acting resume

Here at Project Casting, we are often asked, "I do not have very much to put on my resume. What do you think I should do?" First, it is crucial that the first job of an actor is to know how to act and one day become an expert in their craft. Therefore, it is essential to research every form of professional acting. You can learn how to become an actor by reading acting books, working on TV shows and movies, and attending acting classes. But it is your duty as a professional actor to train yourself just as an athlete will prepare for the next big game. But, in general, you should not lie or make things up for your resume. However, you can somewhat "stretch the truth" or rename certain activities to suit your purpose better. For example, if you worked on a play in High School, you can list this experience as such: "Fiddler on the Roof" Seminole High School Theater, Orlando, FL. By adding your high school experience, it will make your resume look more professional. If you are a dancer, who is interested in a change of pace, or want to change their dance credits into theater credits. For instance, if you danced Juliette in "Romeo and Juliette," you can also list Romeo and Juliette under Theatre instead of Dance, and call it an acting role. YOu will undoubtedly need to act to play this role mainly if you worked as a Ballet dancer. Also, if you worked as a promoter, party, or special event, you can list this as an industrial or regional production! Again, the point of doing this is not to lie or cheat the system. But write a resume that emphasizes our strengths, and that also applies to act. Rename it to fill in weak spots on your resume page. Education and Special Skills are other areas that are a great place to fill in space in your resume. You should list all of your acting classes, relevant experiences, and skills. For instance, under "special skills," you can record any hobby or experience that you have, and that applies. Sometimes these little things well separate you from the competition. If you want to get more experience on your resume, produce your showcases. Get with a group of friends and create a play together for a week run. You will learn a lot, and you will not have to run around trying to book auditions. As you build up your experiences, adjust your resume accordingly, and it will pay off dividends later!

How to create an acting resumé

  • Your acting resume is always on a single (1) sheet of paper.
  • The acting resume must fit on the back of your 8×10 headshot. You’ll size up the resume to the backside of your headshot.
  • Staple your headshot in two opposite corners and cut the excess paper from the acting resume
  • Make your acting resume look presentable and easy to read with a lot of white space.
  • Don’t try to fit every single acting position you’ve played onto your resume.
  • Do not use outrageous fonts! Stick with basic fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Add headings to your resume including in a different color or heading than black but do not choose more than one color. 
  • Never lie on your resume!
  • You don’t want to damage your reputation, especially if you are starting out in the film industry.
  • Unless you have no experience, do not put background acting work on your resume.

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