Talent Managers - Find Everything You Need to Know

Talent Managers

Talent Managers - here is everything you need to know about talent management in the TV and film industry.

Talent Managers - here is everything you need to know about talent management in the TV and film industry.

Are you looking to break into the film and TV industry? If so, this guide will breakdown everything you need to know about having a talent manager. Related: How To Become a Talent Manager If you are looking for more information about getting started in the entertainment industry, check out our other guides here: It is important to note, talent agents and managers are very different. Talent agents are usually required to have a license. Managers do not need to have a certification to run a management company.  While many people in the film and TV industry may argue that you do not need a manager to succeed, having a management representation has its advantages. The goal of a manager is to manage your acting career. If you are a working actor, a manager will help you find acting jobs, a talent agent, create publicity for you with the help of your publicist, and find endorsements that are beneficial to your career.  The mission of a manager is to make educated decisions on how you should maneuver through the entertainment industry. Your manager is the individual who talks to everyone else so you can focus on your career and craft. 

What does a talent manager do?

If you are starting in the entertainment industry, then having a manager would be beneficial to your acting career. A manager can assist with the following:
  1. Applying you for auditions
  2. Calling casting directors and pitching you to producers for auditions and roles
  3. Reviewing contracts and handling negotiations
An aggressive manager may land more auditions for you than your agent. The best part of having an agent and a manager is having two resources working hard on landing an opportunity for you.  If you do not have an agent, then a manager can also help you find and select the right agent for you. The goal is, you will sign with a manager who is smart and productive enough for you to stay with you for the entirety of your acting career.  You should have only one management company at one time. Your manager manages all aspects of your career, including voice acting, sports, and other outlets. In comparison to an agent, which you could have multiple agents depending upon your contract exclusivity agreement. 

How does a manager get paid?

  • A manager gets paid a commission for every job you get. 
  • You should never have to pay upfront for a manager. If you do, then it is probably a scam.
  • Managers traditionally get paid 10% across the board including appearance fees, endorsements, and other deals.
  • Some managers charge 15% for aspiring actors, as they take on more risk to find more opportunities for a rising star.
Actors should add an option to their contract to allow for a fee reduction after a certain amount of time or after earning so much money. For example, if you earn $100,000, then the 15% fee is reduced to 10%.

How does a talent manager help with your acting career?

A manager can help you by selecting the following:
  1. The right auditions
  2. What your hair color or style works for you
  3. What acting classes you should be taking
  4. How to format your acting resume
  5. What direction you should take in your acting career

List of Actor Management Companies

  1. 3 Arts - 3 Arts Entertainment is a Beverly Hills-based talent management and television/film production company founded by Erwin Stoff in 1991 in preparation for producing the television show Down the Shore. Wikipedia
  2. Anonymous Content - Anonymous Content is an entertainment company founded in 1999 by CEO Steve Golin. It is based in Los Angeles with its offices in Culver City and New York City. Wikipedia
  3. Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Brillstein Entertainment Partners is a talent management firm and television production company formed by the 1991 addition of Brad Grey to The Brillstein Company, founded by Bernie Brillstein in 1969. Wikipedia
  4. Management 360
  5. Artists First
  6. Roar Talent - Founded 18 years ago by its owner and CEO, Jay Froberg, ROAR is a global media & entertainment company. We represent actors, writers, directors, and musicians, helping them to achieve their artistic and commercial goals. ROAR also develops & produces film, television and digital content and advises companies and family offices on media & entertainment investments. ROAR is well respected for creating value and having broad, yet specialized, industry experience; a deep network of industry relationships and strategic partners; and a reputation for successful deal execution. (via)
  7. The Collective - Collective Artist Management is structured to provide artists with the support and resources to optimize their careers in a rapidly changing world. (via)
  8. Evolution - evolution is a full-service brand strategy company dedicated to providing extraordinary service in the representation of action sports athletes, team sport athletes/legends, and lifestyle experts and influencers across DIY /home/design/food/fashion.

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