Casting CallsHow to Get Cast in Netflix and Lee Daniel's 'Demon House'

How to Get Cast in Netflix and Lee Daniel’s ‘Demon House’


Netflix ‘Demon House' cast, casting calls, auditions, and news you should know.

Great News For Thriller Lovers – Welcome Lee Daniel's Netflix Thriller' Demon House'

BEWARE. ‘Demon House' is not for the faint-hearted!

For people who love Netflix, thrillers, and Lee Daniel, this piece of information will be for your ears. Demon House is about to film in Pittsburgh. Netflix is here again with its next production in Western Pennsylvania.  

Demon House is known as the exorcism thriller. The thriller is set to set the stages on fire, featuring a million-dollar cast including Glenn Close and directed by Lee Daniels; the thriller is set on fire! Dawn Keezer, film office director, expects the production to start sometime in early summer.

What Thrill Awaits You on Netflix?

You'll be thrilled to bits watching Demon House on Netflix. It's an incredible addition to the beauty of Southwestern Pennsylvania that you can see in the film landscape too. Keezer is delighted to welcome Lee Danniels for the only time in the Pittsburgh area. 

Introducing Glenn Close is indeed a pleasure for her. She is happy to share that it will be a memorable summertime for the local film crew. Moreover, it would be a sightseeing adventure for thousands of local businesses working in the

Reality Behind Demon House 

One fascinating thing about ‘Demon House' is that it's based on real-life events of Ind, Gary, and other family members. They are the ones who observe supernatural incidents in their home. 

Latoya Ammons and her three recite the incidents. Initially, they were dismissed and were unheard of. Eventually, when people around started being observant, it became a news bulletin for everyone. 

Even the biggest skeptics turned believers after watching what happened to them. 

Daniels' First Feature That Unites With Him Andra Day 

Daniel's directorial effort will be with the actress from ‘The United States v/s Billie Holiday.' Plus, it's going to reunite with Andra Day. She is famous for winning the best actress nomination at the Oscars for her work as Billie Holiday. 

You'll see her playing the family's matriarch. She is all set to play the role with Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things Star). It will be a roleplay of a kid at an older age. Mike Fleming Jr. will play the role of Day's boyfriend. Rob Morgan is from ‘Winning Time,' as many of you identify him. Then again, there's Octavia Spencer, who's playing the role of a social worker helping the family. She is an Oscar Winner, and everyone is delighted to have her on board. However, Elis's role is unclear as of now. 

What you need to know about Netflix's Demon House

In an effort to diversify its library of horror and supernatural movies, Netflix is producing a new feature film called Demon House that tells the story of Latoya Ammons and her family. The movie will star musician Andra Day as well.

Netflix has paid a hefty sum of $65M to get the rights for this movie. The streaming service deals with many high-profile movies, so it's no surprise that they would spend big on one production. are very excited about Director Lee Daniels' take on the Demon House, following the success of his earlier films: Empire, Good People, Star, and The United States vs. Billie Holiday

When can we watch it?

Netflix is filming a new movie called “Demon House” and it's planned for release in mid-2023. The footage will be shot mostly on location near Philadelphia, US according to Production Weekly – so if you there get your casting application submitted!

What's the plot?

Latoya and her family's life has been chronicled in the media since they claimed to have been victims of a demonic possession that spanned over two years. They documented all aspects with the Department of Child Services (DCS), Gary (Indiana) Police Department, and hospital staff.

Who's in it?

Andra Day is set to star in her second major film role after 2021's The United States vs Billie Holiday. She'll be joined by Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, The Help), Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction) Rob Morgan (Stranger Things, ), Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things), and Aunjanue Ellis (King Richard, Lovecraft Country).

Who is Lee Daniels?

Lee Daniels is an American film and television producer, director, and . He is popular for his work on Empire and Star. Some of his other notable works are Monster's Ball, The Butler, Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire, and Lee Daniel's The Butler. Pittsburgh will be happy to have him as he films his next project, Demon House.

Concluding Words 

Rumors had it that Spencer was replaced in ‘Demon House' by Mo'Nique. The cause is the scheduling conflicts with her show ‘Truth Be Told' and AppleTV. Daniels directed Mo'Nique for her Oscar performance in 2009 in the movie ‘Precious.' Since then, the two have drifted apart. Until they united in the sets of ‘Demon House.'

With Netflix snapping up its rights to a horror movie-based story, ‘Demon House' is all set to give you goosebumps.

About Netflix:

Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997. In , Netflix expanded its business with the introduction of streaming media, while retaining the DVD and Blu-ray rental service. The company was established in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix is a member of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), producing and distributing content from countries all over the globe.

Netflix's ‘Demon House' Casting Calls

Casting directors are now casting, actors, models, and influencers to work on scenes filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this June 2022.

Producers are seeking and hiring background actors to work on the upcoming feature film.

To audition for a role in the upcoming Netflix Demon House feature film, check out the casting call breakdown below.

Netflix ‘The Deliverance' Clinic Scene Casting Call for Patients

Job Description: Casting directors are now casting background extras to work on scenes filming in the Monroeville area outside Pittsburgh on Tuesday, June 28th.

Role: Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

  • Completely shaved heads OR are willing to shave/buzz their hair
  • To portray patients undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Ages 18+ years old
  • All genders
  • All ethnicities

Covid Test: June 28, 2022

A reminder that there is a Covid Vaccine Mandate in place that requires everyone ages 5+ to be vaccinated unless an exception is approved. Following CDC guidelines, the protocol for ages 5-11 is the primary series required, no booster. For ages 12 and up, the primary series plus Booster is required. To be fully vaccinated, you need to be 14 days before your second immunization and less than five months from the Booster (if you do not have the Booster).

Rate: Pay is $175 for 12 hrs or less + $50 for Covid Test

We are committed to inclusive, diverse casting. Please submit without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other basis protected by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.


Production Title: “Untitled Lee Daniels' Horror Film”

Production Description: The upcoming Netflix film is directed by Lee Daniels known for Precious and The Butler and stars Andra Day. Andra Day was most recently in The United States vs. Billie Holiday. Glenn Close from Hillbilly Elegy and Mo'Nique (Precious). Joining the cast also includes Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things and Aunjanue Ellis from King Richard.

Storyline: The upcoming movie centers around a family living in a home in Pittsburgh that start experiencing strange, demonic disturbances that convict them the house is a portal to hell.

Job Description: Casting directors are now casting background actors (Extra) to work on scenes filming in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from Mid June to – End of August.


  • Various Townspeople
  • Ages 6+

Covid Test: TBD

Rate: $175/DAY (expect 12 hours or less day)

Vaccination Mandate

Consistent with the RTW Agreement, Netflix is mandating vaccinations on this production for performers and background actors working on set, employees present in a workspace with performer/background actor when not wearing PPE, studio teachers, and others who come into close contact with minors or all roles being filled by a minor (anyone under 18 years old), their on-set parent or guardian must be fully vaccinated.

Under the agreement, as of 15, 2022, “fully vaccinated” means that a person is “up to date” on their Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine as that term is defined by the CDC (in other words, they have received the full course of the vaccine itself and any booster(s) the CDC indicates they are eligible to receive). Individuals who have received a Novavax or AstraZeneca vaccine will be considered “fully vaccinated” as long as they have received at least three vaccine doses of any combination of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Novamax, and/or AstraZeneca

Interested? Apply Now

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