Casting CallsNBC 'Chicago Fire' Chicago Extras Casting Call for Sheriff Roles

NBC ‘Chicago Fire’ Chicago Extras Casting Call for Sheriff Roles


Casting calls serve as gateways to exciting opportunities in the entertainment industry. This article dives in-depth into NBC’s seminal casting call for their ground-breaking series, Chicago Fire, specifically for the role of sheriffs.

Key Takeaways

1. NBC’s Chicago Fire is in a casting call for sheriff roles.
2. The chosen candidates would be part of episodic and background scenes.
3. Applicants must perform under the guidance of the directors.
4. Candidates should be based around the greater Chicago area.
5. The remuneration ranges between $120 – $150 based on the scope of the work.

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Job Details

Your gateway into the enthralling world of entertainment is here. NBC is critically acclaimed for its series Chicago Fire and they are on a lookout for talents to play the role of sheriffs in their upcoming shoots. Candidates will be part of episodic and background scenes, a significant component of the storyline in the thrilling firefighting drama.

The backdrop of the series, Chicago, is the city under the spotlight. Therefore, applicants based around the greater Chicago area have a higher likelihood of landing this role. Your hands-on experience and acting prowess can unquestionably lead to lucrative opportunities within NBC and beyond, not to mention the incredible exposure. This platform also invites those with merely a spark of passion for acting.

Job Responsibilities

Talent chosen for this role will be performing under the guidance of the directors to depict realistic settings and accurate events. Candidates need to be comfortable working around large groups, and they must be open to maintaining the desired level of secrecy regarding script reveals and spoiler information.

Other responsibilities include:

1. Delivering believable performances to intensify the essence of dramatic sequences.
2. Adherence to the director’s vision and instructions.
3. Regularly rehearsing to accentuate the portrayal of their characters.
4. Demonstrating adaptability to sudden scene adjustments.
5. Willingness for retakes to ensure perfection in every finalized scene.


While certain casting calls might require specific physical traits, the sheriff role eligibility criteria are open to anyone over the age of 18, applying from the greater Chicago area. A uniform will be provided to ensure uniformity with the existing cast members. No prior acting experience is necessary, but a sincere attitude towards the profession is a considerable bonus.

Compensation Details

Pay packages range from $120 – $150, varying in accordance with the candidate’s level of involvement in the scenes. The remuneration for this role is a fair indication of the compensation culture in the entertainment industry, which rewards talent handsomely.

Remember, being a part of NBC Chicago Fire is not solely about monetary benefits, but the recognition you get within the industry and the enormous audience of the show can seamlessly pave a path for enormous opportunities.

In conclusion, a casting call like this is not just about acquiring a role. It’s about exploring a career in a challenging industry, testing your acting talent, and broadening your horizons, all while earning a handsome compensation package. Make sure to prepare well for this life-changing opportunity.

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