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James Gunn’s “Superman” Saga Introduces Justice League Hero Immune to Superman’s Power: Metamorpho


Key Takeaways:

's new Superman film will see Metamorpho, a Justice League immune to Superman's lie detection power.
– “Barry” star Anthony Carrigan has been cast as Metamorpho in the upcoming movie.
– Metamorpho's extraordinary physiology, resulting from a meteorite accident, allows him to transform his body into any elemental compound or substance and prevents a regular heartbeat.
– Superman's incapacity to detect Metamorpho's lies was explored in a comic book storyline by Mark Waid and Dan Mora.

Source: [FandomWire](https://fandomwire.com/supermans-1-hidden-power-now-wont-work-anymore-on-a-justice-league-member-whos-set-to-appear-in-james-gunns-dcu/)

David Corenswet is set to step into the iconic suit of the Man of Steel in the upcoming Superman remake, directed by James Gunn. The film promises an exciting new portrayal of the Kryptonian hero, with the inclusion of another Justice League member, Metamorpho, who presents a unique challenge to Superman.

Metamorpho Joins DC Cinematic Universe

In the DC comic world, Metamorpho—the alter ego of Rex Mason—is known for his exceptional ability to morph his physical form into any elemental compound or substance on Earth. This power stems from his unusual physiology, a result of a meteorite accident, also making him devoid of a traditional heartbeat, thus manifesting an immunity to Superman's lie-detecting powers.

Superman vs Metamorpho: The Unseen Challenge

Superman, blessed with super hearing skills, is hailed for his knack to detect lies by hearing the heartbeat of people. However, his stand-off with Metamorpho presents the unimaginable, a character immune to one of his most noted abilities.

Originally introduced in The Brave and The Bold #57, Metamorpho, unlike most characters, doesn't have a regular heartbeat due to his physiology. This immunity gained attention in Mark Waid and Dan Mora's comic Batman/Superman: World's Finest #13. The plot twists as Superman and Batman dive into a murder mystery involving a billionaire associated with Metamorpho—suspected, interrogated, but unknowable.

Anthony Carrigan Dons The Role of Metamorpho

Bringing this intriguing character to on the silver screen is Emmy-nominated actor Anthony Carrigan, popular for his portrayal of NoHo Hank in Barry. confirmed his for James Gunn's Superman earlier this year, along with Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, and Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific.

Carrigan, in an with The Hollywood , shared his enthusiasm about embodying a bald , having kept track of such characters after being diagnosed with alopecia.

On-Set With James Gunn's Superman

The much-anticipated Superman flick went on floors on February 29, 2024, and is marked for a release on 11, 2025. With a unique mix of characters and fresh plot stirrings, it's skyrocketing fans' excitement offering them an original Superman saga to look forward to.

By intertwining the paths of Superman and Metamorpho, the James Gunn-directed film hints at creating a dynamic tension that differs from previous adaptations. The film promises an avenue to explore Superman's compromised lie-detecting ability via Metamorpho, thus painting an engaging and intricate narrative of resilience and adaptability. As we await the film's release, it will be fascinating to see how the Man of Steel adapts to this unprecedented curveball thrown his way.

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