Casting CallsMajor Artist's Music Video Project at $200/Day Casting Call

Major Artist’s Music Video Project at $200/Day Casting Call


If you are seeking a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity for your child, look no further! This opportunity extends well beyond the ordinary parameters of regular jobs, establishing a foundation in the vibrant, dynamic, and eclectic realm of the entertainment industry. Acclaimed for our role as an online job-seeking platform, Project Casting bridges the gap between the most incredible opportunities and the most inspiring talents.

Key Takeaways:

– Open Casting Call for infants
– Location: Unknown
– Job Detail: Major Artist’s Music Video Project
– Job Responsibilities: Infant’s role in Crew
– Requirements: Six to nine-month-old babies of all ethnicities
– Compensation: $200 per day

Job Location

Typically, the best opportunities have a specific location; however, this casting call is unique in that the filming location is undisclosed, offering an extra layer of intrigue and suspense.

Job Detail

Let your little shining star light up the stage! Once untraveled territory, infants in the entertainment industry have gained a notable presence in the recent years. Variety adds spice to life, and our latest casting call seeks to incorporate just that! We’re looking for six to nine-month-old babies of all ethnicities to play an integral role in a major artist’s upcoming music video project.

Job Responsibilities

Do you harbor dreams of Hollywood for your baby, as if they’re the next Shirley Temple or Macaulay Culkin in-the-making? If so, don’t let this golden opportunity slip away. The selected infants will be expected to perform certain actions appropriate to their age and developmental stages under the guided supervision of directors and on-set child specialists. While acting as a role model, your child’s actions could portray emotions, pave the way for storyline progression, or merely contribute to the overall aesthetics of the video.


In order to be considered for this role, there are specific requirements that need to be met:

1. The infants must be aged between six to nine months.
2. Babies of all ethnicities and genders are welcome to apply.
3. Parents or guardians must be able to commit to the potential filming schedules.
4. Regarding comfort and security, the baby should be able to adapt to new environments and crowds.
5. All necessary legal documentation and consent for the baby’s participation must be provided.


Rest assured; this is a paid job! The compensation package for this role amounts to an impressive sum of $200 per day. This is a significant opportunity to set aside nest eggs for your child, making this a worthwhile investment of time and effort.

In conclusion, such casting calls for infants are highly beneficial not only in terms of financial rewards but also in providing precious memories, beautiful footage for family archives, and perhaps, an early start to a prosperous career path in the entertainment world.

Don’t hold back. Seize this chance to integrate your precious one into a professional atmosphere, thereby potentially assuring a bright future, brimming with opportunities. Fill in the application at the earliest and let us help you steer your course in the vibrant ocean that is the entertainment industry.

Apply now!

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