Casting CallsCaliforniaMajor Latin Artist Music Video Casting Call for Fit Actors

Major Latin Artist Music Video Casting Call for Fit Actors


In today's riveting chapter of the entertainment world, we bring you an incredible opportunity from the pulsating and dynamic realm of music – a casting call for a major Latin artist . Enter the vibrant Latin music scene, make connections, and gain the recognition you deserve.

The Job Description

The project offers select fit an opportunity to feature in a Latin artist's music . You could be the next face gleaming alongside a Latin superstar under the glamorous spotlight, sizzling on the dance floor, and jamming to the fascinating rhythms.

Job Location

This opportunity is Los Angeles centric. Therefore, all LA-local looking for the next big break, take note. Turn this into a career-defining moment.

Job Responsibilities

The chosen talents would be needed on set for an elaborate shoot in Los Angeles. Responsibilities include:

– Acting alongside the Latin artist, performing the director's desired scenes.
, as choreographed, to gel with the upbeat Latin pop rhythm.
– Coordinating with the production team, understanding, and delivering the vision intact.


The casting call is specifically looking for fit actors of any ethnicity, male or female, aged between 18 to 30 years.

Other key requisites include:

– Exceptional acting skills and the capability to deliver convincing performances.
– A fit and athletic built, indicating a healthy lifestyle. Gym enthusiasts are likely preferred.
– Prior experience in music , acting, or modeling will be a plus.
– Ability to follow choreographed dance moves.
– Commitment to punctuality and professionalism on set.


As part of the perks, the chosen actors will receive a handsome payout for their roles in the music video. Each actor will earn $500 for 12 hours of work.

This casting call is a top-tier opportunity to shine in the dynamic world of Latin pop music video . Not only will it be a captivating addition to your resume, but also a chance to interact with industry professionals irrespective of your acting prowess or overall experience.


In the , opportunities come and go in a flash, and it's essential to grab the right ones at the right time. This casting call is one such golden chance that can pave the way to stardom while providing an attractive compensation plan.

If you are a fit, energetic actor looking to break into the music video acting scene, there's no better platform than this. Just ensure you can dance to the vibrant Latin beats, offer an enticing performance and have the professional discipline required on sets.

So Los Angeles locals, put on your dancing shoes, and let's make you the next sensation in the booming world of Latin music industry!

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