HBO TV Pilot Los Angeles Casting Call for Featured Extras

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HBO Max app running on smarthphone, 5 jan, 2022, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

HBO TV Pilot casting call for extras in Los Angeles, California.

HBO Casting directors are now casting extras to work on scenes filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Producers are looking for the following talent: 

  • NON-UNION men and women 
  • Age 25-65 with formal wear to play "high end party guests"

About HBO:

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HBO Pilot Casting Call for High-End Guests


HBO Pilot is looking for NONUNION men and women age 25-65 with formal wear to play "high end party guests" on 12/14 and 12/15 with a paid Covid test on 12/12.

Rate $132/8 plus $50 covid test and bump for formal wear.

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HBO TV Pilot Acting Tips

When embarking on a new acting role, it is essential to take the time to understand your character. To fully capture their motivations and emotions, you should get into the mindset of your personality by researching and contemplating who they are as a person. This can involve researching aspects such as the character's history, family background, and other pertinent information that can help add depth to your performance.

Once you understand your character's backstory, it is helpful to write out your script to portray your lines in an authentic manner. Ensure that each line has a purpose and intention so each scene feels more like an honest life conversation instead of cheesy dialogue. Additionally, it is essential to practice your lines to become familiar with them and ensure that the character's feelings are brought across through your delivery.

When performing on stage or in front of a camera, it is essential to make sure you have an understanding of the other characters. Conversations with cast and crew can provide valuable insight into their motivations and how they interact with your character. Additionally, try to meet up with people who share similar life experiences to those of the character you are playing. This can bring a sense of realism and authenticity to your performance.

Finally, when preparing for any role, you must take care of yourself physically and mentally. Acting can be an emotionally draining experience, and it is essential to keep your body and mind healthy by eating well, exercising, and getting sufficient rest. Additionally, make sure you take time for yourself before or after rehearsals to allow your mind to relax and reset for the following day. By taking care of yourself, you can perform at your peak every trial and stay focused throughout the process.

By keeping these tips in mind, any actor can be prepared to bring their best performance possible when auditioning or shooting any role they are given. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can easily step into any character and capture an audience's attention through their believable portrayal of whoever they decide to play.

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