Commercial London Casting Call for Skateboarders

Skateboard casting call

Skateboard casting call

A commercial London, England.

Casting directors are now casting skateboarders to work on scenes filmed in London.

Producers are looking for the following talent: 

Teenage Female Skateboarders

  • Aged 17 - 18
  • Any Ethnicity

How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming production.

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Casting Call 

We are looking for:

  • Teenage Female Skateboarders
  • Aged 17 - 18
  • Any Ethnicity

Well Paid Opportunity

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Acting Tips for Skaters



Acting on ice skates is just as challenging as it looks. It would be best if you expressed the emotions of a scene while still keeping your balance and managing your momentum. Here are some tips for how to tackle this tricky task:


  1. Practice, practice, practice! This goes without saying - the more you rehearse, the better chance of success when it comes time to perform. Make sure to incorporate both physical and emotional elements into your rehearsal sessions.
  2. Find Your Balance Point: Finding where your center of gravity lies concerning the floor will help keep your balance during a take. Practice on different surfaces and use props (like chairs or tables) to help find your center.
  3. Wear the Appropriate Gear: Not only will wearing protective gear help to keep you safe from injuries but it can also be used as a prop or part of your performance. For example, if you're playing a clumsy character on skates, having elbow and knee pads may add realism to your routine.
  4. Use Visualization Techniques: Before attempting a problematic trick or scene, try taking some time to focus and visualize yourself executing it successfully. This can help build confidence and ensure that when the time comes to perform, you'll be able to do so easily and gracefully.
  5. Take It Slow: When practicing complex choreography or tricky stunts on the ice, it can be tempting to rush through them. However, by slowing down and perfecting each move one step at a time, you'll have a much better chance of performing the entire routine successfully.

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