Casting Calls$600/Day VA Lottery Commercial Casting Call

$600/Day VA Lottery Commercial Casting Call


Casting call: A diverse opportunity in a lottery commercial in Virginia.

Are you ready to showcase your acting skills and add an exciting project to your portfolio? The Virginia Lottery is calling for a myriad of talents for their upcoming commercial, and this could be your chance to shine!

The Virginia Lottery’s newest venture is seeking multiple non-principal actors for non-speaking roles in various scenes. This non-union opportunity is open to self-taped auditions, inviting talents to portray a wide range of characters.


Selected talents will act in non-speaking roles, vividly bringing to life the character they’re assigned. They must be available for wardrobe fittings and participate actively during the shoot, adhering to the director’s vision and the production team’s guidance. Crucially, they must be available for the entire shooting day.

Who Can Apply?

The casting call is inclusive, seeking male and female talents of any ethnicity, aged between 25 and 65. The roles are diverse, including but not limited to Regular Casual, Business Wear, Chef, Hiker, Dog Walker, and many more fascinating characters.


Applicants should be prepared to travel to Richmond, VA, for the shoot. While experience in acting is preferred, it’s not a strict requirement, making this a great opportunity for budding actors. A self-tape audition is mandatory for consideration. Flexibility and the ability to take direction well are key traits needed.

Compensation and Usage

The job pays $600 for the session and usage, excluding any applicable fees. Note, there’s no provision for travel or additional compensation. The usage rights include Paid Social/Digital, New Media, Broadcast, Industrial, Streaming, and PR for 3 months in one cycle, with a worldwide digital and Virginia broadcast territory. The term is 3 months from the first air date, and unpaid social placements will be in perpetuity.

Don’t Miss Out!

This casting call is a fantastic opportunity for actors to gain experience, earn a significant day rate, and be part of a widely broadcast project. If you’re ready to take this leap, make sure to submit your self-tape audition and join the vibrant cast of the Virginia Lottery commercial.

Remember, auditions like these can be the stepping stone to greater opportunities in the acting world. So, break a leg and show them what you’ve got!


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How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call.

$600/Day VA Lottery Commercial Casting Call

Job Description: We are seeking multiple non-principal talents to participate in an upcoming Virginia Lottery project. This is a non-union job, requiring self-tape for consideration.


  • Act in non-speaking roles across various scenes, accurately portraying the assigned character.
  • Attend wardrobe fittings as required.
  • Participate in the shoot, following direction from the director and production team.
  • Ensure availability for the entire shooting day.

Seeking the Following Talent:

  • Males and Females, any ethnicity, ages 25-65.
  • Characters include: Regular casual, Smart/Casual, Business wear, Chef, Hiker, Dog Walker, Grill Master, Construction Worker, Young Woman Lounging, Couple in Bed, Ranch Hand, Kayaker, Gardener, Classical Musician, Contemporary Musician, Ballet Dancer, Lifeguard, Fisherman, Cyclist, Falconer, Chef, Skateboarder/Rollerskater/Rollerblader, Golfer, Motorcyclist, Forest Worker.


  • Must be able to travel to Richmond, VA for the shoot.
  • Experience in acting preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Must provide a self-tape audition for consideration.
  • Ability to wear costumes and carry props as required by the role.
  • Flexible and able to take direction well.

Rate & Usage:

  • Compensation: $600 for session and usage (less any applicable fees).
  • No travel or additional compensation provided.
  • Usage includes: Paid Social/Digital, New Media, Broadcast, Industrial, Streaming, and PR for 3 months in one cycle.
  • Territory: Worldwide for Digital, Virginia for Broadcast.
  • Usage Term: 3 months from the first air date.
  • Unpaid social placements (e.g., client-owned websites, social media) will be in perpetuity.

Interested? Apply Now!

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