Casting Calls$150/Day Scripted Video Shoot Casting Call for Kid Actors

$150/Day Scripted Video Shoot Casting Call for Kid Actors


Casting call: $150/day for kid actors in an educational video shoot in Chicago, IL.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity for your child to shine in the world of acting? Look no further! Trigger Casting is on the lookout for kids and teens aged 8 to 18 to be part of an educational video. This unique project is not just any production – it’s aimed at training teachers, giving your child a chance to contribute to the betterment of education.

The Role

The call is for background extras, a vital part of creating a realistic classroom environment. These young actors will be portraying students engaged in typical school activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to experience the world of video production while playing a role they know well – that of a student.

Job Description

These young talents will sit at desks or perform background actions, adding life and authenticity to the classroom scenes. They will be guided by a director or assistant director, making it a great learning experience about following professional instructions and understanding the dynamics of a film set.


  • Punctuality and Professionalism: One of the key aspects of this role is punctuality. These young actors will need to be on time and maintain professional behavior on set.
  • Following Directions: They will follow directions from the director or assistant director, learning to adapt and act according to the needs of the scene.


  • Age Group: The casting call is open to those aged 8-18.
  • Role Portrayal: They should be able to naturally convey the demeanor of a student.
  • Availability: Must be available on either February 3rd or February 4th.
  • Supervision: A parent or guardian must accompany minors.
  • Location: Ability to travel to the Chicagoland area for filming is a must.


This is a paid opportunity! The extras will receive $150 for a 6-hour day, making it not just an enriching experience but also a rewarding one.

This casting call is a fantastic chance for young actors to gain on-set experience, understand the workings of a film production, and contribute to an educational cause. If your child fits the description and you’re available on the specified dates, don’t hesitate to seize this opportunity. It could be a stepping stone in their acting journey and a fun and educational experience for them.


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How to apply?

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$150/Day Scripted Video Shoot Casting Call for Kid Actors

Role: Background Extras – Kids/Teens

Job Description:
Trigger Casting is currently seeking kids and teens aged 8-18 to serve as background extras in an educational video aimed at training teachers. This video will help educators better understand and guide students through their school experience, emphasizing good judgment and decision-making. Extras will participate in a classroom scene, portraying students engaged in typical school activities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Sit at desks or perform background actions in a classroom setting.
  • Follow directions from the director or assistant director.
  • Be punctual and maintain professional behavior on set.


  • Ages 8-18.
  • Able to convey the typical demeanor of a student.
  • Must be available on either 2/3 or 2/4 (Saturday or Sunday).
  • Parent or guardian must accompany minors.
  • Able to travel to the Chicagoland area for filming.


Extra Rate: $150 for a 6-hour day.

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