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Los Angeles Featured Extra Casting Call


Los Angeles is buzzing with an exciting opportunity for African American female actors with a distinctive skill. A new casting call is for a featured extra who can safely dislocate her thumb for a role in an upcoming or television production. This unique ability is not only rare but also pivotal for the project, making this role a standout opportunity.

The Role and Responsibilities

The selected individual will play a crucial part in bringing a specific vision to life on screen. The main responsibility involves performing a thumb dislocation on cue, in a manner that is both safe and controlled, aligning with the 's creative needs. This will require precision and an understanding of one's physical limits to ensure safety and authenticity.

Beyond this specific skill, the role includes attending costume fittings, sessions, and necessary rehearsals. The production team emphasizes the importance of availability throughout the entire shooting schedule, ensuring that there are no conflicts. The chosen candidate will have the chance to work closely with the director and , contributing significantly to the scene's execution.

Requirements for Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must meet certain criteria:

  • Identify as an African American female.
  • Have the ability to dislocate their thumb without causing harm or discomfort.
  • Be available for an interview on Saturday, January 6, and ready to work on Wednesday, January 17.
  • Reside in the Los Angeles area and be available to work .
  • Both union and non-union talent are encouraged to apply.


Recognizing the unique skill set required for this role, the production offers competitive pay. The compensation aligns with industry standards, acknowledging both the rarity of the skill and the professional contribution of the selected individual.

A Unique Opportunity

This casting call presents a rare opportunity for those who have this unusual ability and are looking to break into or advance in the entertainment industry. It's a chance to showcase a unique talent in a professional setting and work with a dedicated and creative team.

For those in the Los Angeles area who fit the description and have this rare ability, this could be the start of an exciting journey in the world of film and television. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and seize this distinctive opportunity.


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How to apply?

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Job Detail: We are seeking an African American female with the unique ability to dislocate her thumb for a in an upcoming project. The selected candidate will be expected to perform this ability on camera as part of a film or television production.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform thumb dislocation on cue in a safe and controlled manner, as per the director's requirements.
  • Attend costume fittings, makeup sessions, and any necessary rehearsals.
  • Be available for the entire shooting schedule without conflicts.
  • Work closely with the director and crew to fulfill the vision of the scene.


  • Must be an African American female.
  • Possess the ability to dislocate thumb without causing harm or discomfort.
  • Must be available for an interview on Saturday, January 6, and able to work on Wednesday, January 17.
  • Based in the Los Angeles area, available to work on location.
  • Union or non-union talent are both welcome to apply.

Compensation Details:

  • Competitive pay commensurate with the unique skill set required and industry standards.

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