Casting CallsCanada$3,000 Ford Commercial Casting Call

$3,000 Ford Commercial Casting Call


The roadmap to stardom in the often begins with seizing the right opportunities. One such opportunity is the Ford Casting Call scheduled to take place soon. If you harbor dreams of stepping into the world of entertainment, this is your chance. This comprehensive guide will detail every aspect of the casting call, encompassing the requirements, responsibilities, compensation details, and more.

Key Takeaways:

– Leverage on this valuable opportunity to potentially kickstart a career in the entertainment industry with a globally renowned brand.
– Meticulously ensure that you meet all the requirements before applying to improve your chances of selection.
– Prepare thoroughly for the audition and approach the casting call with professionalism and enthusiasm.
– Embrace the vibrant cityscape of that promises an enthralling experience.

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Job location:

The opportunity takes place within the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, a renowned hub of diverse cultures and lifestyles that will provide the perfect backdrop for the .

Job Details:

The Ford Commercial casting call is to numerous from different demographics. This includes a consisting of parents aged 40-50 and a set of aged 6-9, or a Latin American couple aged 35-50, among others.

Job Responsibilities:

Prospective participants will be responsible for various roles. Some of the primary tasks may include:

1. Performing assigned roles with precision, vibrancy, and enthusiasm.
2. Participating in thorough rehearsals to ensure perfect execution of the assigned roles.
3. Sustaining a degree of professionalism and adoption of Ford's vision throughout the casting process.
4. Collaborating effectively with other team members and adhering to the director's guide.


The Ford Commercial Casting Call sets forth several requirements. Applicants must fit into one of the selected demographics for the roles provided. They should be comfortable in front of the camera and maintain a professional demeanor. The casting call is strictly searching for non-union performers. A valid Canadian work permit is also mandatory for applicants.

Compensation Details:

Successful applicants will be aptly compensated for their efforts. The compensation details are as follows:

1. Middle Eastern, Mixed or Mediterranean Family: $3,000 CAD per family
2. Latin American Couple: $1,500 CAD per person
3. Biker Man: $1,500 CAD
4. Middle Eastern, Mixed or Mediterranean Teens: $1,500 CAD per person

It is important to note that compensation will be provided for all rehearsal/performance days.

Start your journey in the entertainment industry with the Ford Commercial Casting Call. Your path to stardom could begin right here. Remember, every big dream begins with a tiny step, and this casting call could just be the leap you are for.

Please note: All applications must be submitted through the official online job-seeking platform for the entertainment industry, Project Casting.

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