Casting CallsSTARZ 'The Hunting Wives' Casting Call for Pool Players

STARZ ‘The Hunting Wives’ Casting Call for Pool Players


Venturing into the world of can be as thrilling as it is demanding. Perhaps this holds even truer when one is taking on the niche roles often required in the industry, such as in the exciting, upcoming ‘The Hunting Wives Charlotte', currently looking for proficient pool players. In this article, I delve into the intricate details of this call, providing an in-depth analysis of the job detail, responsibilities, requirements, and compensation. My aim? To ensure you step onto your audition with an understanding that reflects confidence. But before we delve into all these finer details, let's take a peek at what this opportunity entails.

Project Overview – The Hunting Wives Charlotte:

‘The Hunting Wives Charlotte' is an enigmatic, unique project that brings a blend of thrill, mystery, and entertainment straight to your screen. Designed to keep viewers on edge, this project offers an opportunity to the talented pool of who can project both charismatic confidence and subtle manipulations with their skill set.

Key Takeaways:

– Role: Expert Pool Players for ‘The Hunting Wives Charlotte'
– Key responsibilities: Proficient pool playing combined with acting skills, following 's instructions, excellent teamwork.
– Requirements: Demonstrable pool playing skills, professional acting experience, excellent interpersonal skills, flexible schedule.
– Compensation: As per industry norms with additional benefits.
– Location: Charlotte (or nearby vicinity).

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Job Detail:

The project primarily focuses on recruiting expert pool players – that's right, cue sports enthusiasts, this might just be the career-defining opportunity you've been waiting for. The chosen members will have the task of bringing an enthralling pool to by combining their acting skills with their proficiency in pool.

Job Responsibilities:

As someone aspiring to be a part of ‘The Hunting Wives Charlotte', you would be expected to:

– Showcase your pool playing skills during scenes without overshadowing your acting capabilities.
– Work under the direction of the lead director and adhere to the instructions given with regard to the scene.
– Exhibit excellent teamwork in syncing with other cast members.
– Uphold a high level of professionalism throughout the production period.


Those keen on embracing this opportunity should:

– Be able to demonstrate proficiency in pool playing.
– Have professional acting experience, with preference given to those with previous experience in , , or theater.
– Display excellent teamwork attributes and interpersonal skills.
– Have a flexible schedule for shooting periods.
– Show an inclination towards following precise directions.

(Note: Since the auditions and further processes are to be conducted in Charlotte, potential cast members are suggested to be located in or around the area for convenience.)


The remuneration package for this role is quite enticing and as per the industry norms. While the exact details are not disclosed, the project promises a professional pay rate and additional benefits. This opportunity could propel your career to new heights, both in terms of experience and financial rewards.


The ‘Hunting Wives Charlotte' casting call presents a unique opportunity to combine acting skills with pool playing prowess, where an intense scene of thrill and entertainment awaits creation. Consider this casting call as an open avenue to showcase your talent, impress the viewers, judges, and boost your acting career.

So, with this comprehensive guide in hand, it's time you sharpen your acting skills and your pool cue. After all, who knows, the next casting call could be your chance to engrave your name in the world of entertainment!

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