5 Ways Acting is Great For Your Mental Health

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Psychologists reveal why acting can be great for your mental health.

The entertainment industry is filled with ups and downs. Actors have to go through a lot. A working actor is talking with their talent agent, memorizing lines, going to acting classes, printing out new head shots, and searching for casting calls to find the latest auditions. All of which is extremely stressful and time consuming.

But, for many people, acting is still an exciting and worthwhile career filmed with emotion on and off the stage. Here are four benefits acting adds to your mental health.

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1. Acting provides a challenge

According to Psychology Today, acting provides four key benefits to your psyche and mental health. The first major benefit is the challenge. An actor isn’t camera ready within a few minutes. It takes time to learn how to perform in front of an audience. Many people may believe actors are naturally talented however, many people work hard every day which can be a great reward once people see their hard work on film.

2. Acting builds relationships

By working on set, actors are able to network and connect with crew members, crafty services, the director and background extras. Working long hours tends to bring people in together like a family.

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3. Acting is a great escapism

Actors have the unique and great opportunity to become a cop on Monday and the President on Friday. In fact, many actors wear costumes, wigs, sets, and without people making fun of you.

4. Acting is exciting

The moment an actor gets a call back, the excitement begins.

Playwright James Kirkwood wrote“Rehearsals were days away. There is something wildly exciting about a company assembling for the first time on stage. There is also something strangely sexy about it. I can’t pin it down, there just is.” About the ending of a production, actress S.M. Stevens wrote, “When a show ends, for a few days, my body sizzles with leftover energy, like a tree in the wake of a lightning strike.”

5. Acting allows you to showcase your skills

Your friends, colleagues, and relatives all come to see you doing something difficult, exciting and entertaining. Which can help you become a local celebrity. People may stop you on the street talking about how much they loved you in ‘The Walking Dead’.

Overall, acting can be a very positive experience allowing for you to boost your self esteem, make new friends, and establish long-lasting relationships.

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