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The End of HBO GO? HBO To Provide HBO Streaming Service

HBO will provide HBO streaming service in April during the premiere of Game of Thrones. We reported a few months ago that a standalone HBO streaming service will soon become a reality. At the time...
Project Casting

HBO to Offer HBO GO without Cable Subscription in 2015

You will finally be able to get HBO without paying for a cable subscription in 2015. After years of ignoring millions of TV viewers, HBO and Time Warner have finally decided to provide a standalone version...
Project Casting

HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ Breaks Viewership Ratings with Season 4 Premiere

Game of Thrones is continuing to grow a huge audience. Game of Thrones is HBO's most watched series and it's return for their fourth season last Sunday night, is already breaking previous viewership records. The 9...
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‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Crashes HBO Go Service

Less than a month after HBO Go crashed during the True Detective finale, the service went down again on Sunday night during the Game of Thrones premiere.  Some viewers had problems logging on to the streaming...
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HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Causes HBO GO to Crash

True Detective fans that attempted to watch the Sunday night finale were most likely let down. The crime drama series premiered the final episode of the season on Sunday night but, so many people logged on...
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Can You Get HBO Without the Cable TV Subscription?

HBO GO to become the next Netflix? HBO CEO Richard Plepler said Wednesday that the premium channel has previously considered offering a standalone version of HBO Go and that it is willing to offer a...
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HBO GO Can Be Purchased Separately

HBO Go can be purchased separately from a television package in some markets after reports. Comcast subscribers can get HBO GO without paying for a high price, full-scale TV package. Instead of bundling HBO with...

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