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Georgia, United States

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Since I was a kid I always dream to be on TV. I came from a small town in NC with no opportunities to get there. I moved to Atlanta in 2011. Knowing I wanted more. I went to auditions and always got picked. Just seemed to be a scam out of my money. Now that I have decided to focus on self. God has put me in a position that I never thought I would be in. I’m currently working on set with Dynasty’s season 4 only making sure everyone is safe from Covid-19. I’m actually learning and able to see things I gave up on once I started doing Information Technology. I’m working to be the best. I’m studying and focusing on what it takes to turn my Dreams into reality.

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 6'1"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 195.00 lbs

Interests: Theater, Film, TV & Video, Commercials, Modeling, Voiceover, Events, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Influencer

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