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Kentucky, United States


Hello!! I am a trained actor since the age of 5, but mostly in theatre. I have recently been interested in the TV and film industry for the last two years, however. In the last two years I have been able to pick up two featured roles in two separate movies, two featured roles in two different web series, I’ve been an extra in a couple of films and I have done some PSA work. I love film! I am here because I want to learn more, grow and gain some work! I am young, but I take direction well and I don’t stop until I get what I’m doing done right! Plus, learning lines is something I don’t have to worry about! My brain just soaks them up! ?

Additional Info

Gender: female

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'2"

Body Type: Average

Weight: 135.00 lbs

Interests: Theater, Film, TV & Video, Commercials