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United Kingdom


I am a very busy person when I am at home. I always have at least two things going at the same time I love art and music and devote some of my time to both in the evenings. I connect well with people so therefore, I do have a lot of friends. I have worked across all media. In film, TV. and Theatre I have had lead and non leading roles. I have worked in commercials. I have also worked as a model. I am trained in film, tv and theatre. in presenting, interviewing and Voice Over, working against green screen and voice over images. I am also trained in comedy improv and dance. I am a legit singer, and I can sing all styles of music including Opera.

Additional Info

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Multiracial

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135.00 lbs

Interests: Theater, Film, TV & Video, Commercials, Modeling, Voiceover, Events, Music Video, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Influencer