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Tennessee, United States

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I have ten years of modeling experience (on and off) and . With a wide variety of clientele and campaigns & outside of the runway, I would be a good spokesperson as I have a great personality, I am considered easy to work with and I can enthusiastically promote any product.If im not at work at T-Mobile, I am spending the majority of my time working on perfecting my crafts all around. The following will sum up my capabilities and history in this industry: I have been promoting products, events, and advertisements via person and social media for over 6 years and know that my attitude and personality can allow people to try something that may be new to your brand. Not only can I demonstrate the products effectively, but I also have the skills to sign them up if need be and am fully computer literate for those promotions that require the internet to fulfill. I always dress appropriately for any promotional visit whether it is business professional or casual attire, it is always neat, clean and well put together. Offers and capable of the versatility of looks and styles I feel that I would bring this level to trust because of my upbeat personality and dedication to any product I am promoting. Aside from my skill set, I am happy to promote brands Via runway, brand ambassador on the runway, I also have an interest of being a vendor model as well. I am also familiar with social media marketing, which I found extremely useful in past positions. I am self-motivated, driven, and have the ability to connect with customers on a level that is sure to make a difference in your sales. If you are interested in setting up a time to discuss my candidacy

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Gender: female

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 5'7"

Body Type: Curvy

Weight: 185.00 lbs

Interests: Modeling, TV & Video, Events, Influencer, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Commercials, Film, Theater, Voiceover

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