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Queen Sunlight Queen Sunlight is a talented artist and performer from Hollywood, California, who is on a lifelong mission to become the greatest entertainer and inspiration of all time. Her success story can be credited to her fueled energy and passion for music. As a songwriter, she’s bent on creating lyrics that are highly relatable and truly moving to her listeners. She uses her songs to bring healing, happiness, and joy to others. In addition to her musical ability, Queen Sunlight is a reputable professional in various fields. She is a dancer, painter, rapper, hair/makeup stylist, and stand-up comedienne, among others. Growing up in California, she has always been involved in performance art in some major capacity since age three. The reason people who have been touched by her performance called her a “Ray of Sunlight.” The talented and energetic performer is known for the passionate manner in which she fleshes out her flawless melodies and character to wow the audience and the world around her. Whenever she takes the center of the stage, there’s no limit to her flair. Queen Sunlight's healer persona is her healing vibe, while SugahQueen's persona is her joyful entertainer talents. Moreover, she is good at playing several instruments, but her love for Ukulele outshines it all. She is deeply influenced by acoustic artist India.aire. Her love for music also streams from the motivation she gets from veterans and major headliners in the music and entertainment industry. To mention but a few, artists like Erykah Badu, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Alicia Keys, Niki Minaj, Beyoncé, Cedric The Entertainer, Dave Chappell, and Michael Jackson influences her musical career. Though Queen Sunlight has lived in seven different states, she’s currently based in Mississippi, Delta but traveling full time this year in her RV.

Additional Info

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 5'6"

Body Type: Curvy

Weight: 200.00 lbs

Interests: TV & Video, Film, Theater, Commercials, Modeling, Voiceover, Events, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Influencer