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Colorado, United States

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Isabella has played various roles in her 8 years of acting experience. She has played many supporting and main roles in large productions, such as "Annie", "Oklahoma", "The Wizard of Oz". She has experience as an on-stage dancer and stage crew in productions such as "Fiddler on The Roof" and "It's A Wonderful Life", and has participated in several plays, the most recent being her main roles in "Ramshackle Inn" and "Babbling Brook". Her favorite role so far has been the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz”. She has been masterfully coached in acting, singing, and choreography for her productions over the past 8 years. Some of her other talents and interests include: archery, soccer, improvisation, writing, singing, and cooking. Isabella is also fluent in Spanish.

Additional Info

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Height: 5'3"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 115.00 lbs

Interests: Theater, Film, TV & Video, Commercials, Modeling, Voiceover, Influencer