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DEWAYNE COLEMAN BIO I'm a writer of many sorts and genres; who's been writing seriously for over 19 years now. I started writing around the sixth grade--writing songs and poems. Then it was only to get girls, and for fun. Since I've gotten older I've realized that I have a gift, and was given this talent for a reason. Over the years, I've registered my writings with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. I'm a member of The International Society of Poets. Some of my writing are featured in compilations of poetry they've put together Letters From The Soul, Sounds of Poetry, and Patterns of Life. My writings were featured in the Iliad Press Newspaper in Sterlin Heights, MI. Also Champagne On The Hill Publishing website 2004/05/06.( I'm also a member of ASCAP,(The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) because poetry is not all that I write. In doing so, I've been contacted by Dorrance Publishing and Vantage Press to publish my work. I have a song that will be on a compilation album put together by Amerecord Recordings called, Star Route USA. (now available) I was also contacted by Hilltop Records to be a part of their compilation album, Color Me Country. I have worked with Sybil Fox Rich formerly of The Fox Rich Show, Cyntoria Raye of Imprimis Entertainment, and Tara Davis of Infinity Productions. They all operated out of Shreveport, La. Sybil's show was a showcase for up and coming talent.(now in syndication) Cyntoria is an established writer, actress, and comedian. Tara is a writer and director of short films, having one completed,"Trying To Maintain" and in the process of filming others. I joined Kymberly Keeton and staff at Literafeelya Magazine as Music Editor, also Siim Einfeldt as a Journalist for The Cheers Magazine. Both are online publications, that will later be put to print. EQUANIMITY Magazine is another that I write for that is released quarterly in print. I have no problem working with others that are dedicated and focused on making a difference in the arts. I constantly try to network with people in the business, because I think--who I know, someone else may want to meet, and vice versa. I'm not greedy, I believe everyone who wants to succeed, should have a chance to do so. Late 2004 I started my own company; ParadIgm & Associates. ( A company based from my writings, and which will make room for other ventures. My primary focus as a Sole Propietor--for now--is writing, and mutiple forms of Entertainment. Such as management and artist development. I represent several young men and women in nearly all the major US cities. I began recording again, at the end of 2005. I released the album; THE TAKEOVER: Enough of da Bullshit. It is available online and in Best Buy Stores. Also, I am now being represented by Ramo Law Offices. ( Under the guidance of Mrs. Tiffany Boyle for my scripts/screenplays to be pitched to potential buyers and film companies.

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 5'9"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 220.00 lbs

Talent Agency: ParadIgm&Associates

Interests: Film