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As an actor, singer and circus athlete known much for his versatility as he is for his charisma, Bray Buenrostro’s most recent recognised role may his lascivious performance as “The Fetish Couple” in which along with his acrobatic partner, Bray delivers the most tantalising display of acrobatics with poise. ( He’s trained with reputable Australian directors and acting coaches such as Peter Ramussen, Cinzia Coassin, Philip Holder, Peter Kalos, Stephen Lance and Mairi Cameron as well as multiple acrobatic coaches from the iconic entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil. Bray’s fluent in Spanish and English but he’s constantly looking to further his knowledge outside of the acting scene

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Height: 5'3"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 165.00 lbs

Interests: Film, TV & Video, Theater, Commercials


The Young Rock

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Draculas Cabaret


Little Dead Club

Dead Man Label


Sadistic Circus

Tokyo Freakout Land


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