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New York, United States

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Hello! I would like to introduce myself: My name is Aldis Lavrinovics, I’m 29 years old. I was born in Latvia. Since childhood my dream was to become an actor, but unfortunately in my country there are not so many opportunities for that. By the way, I have some performance skills like a Break dance, Le parkour, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Acrobatics. My native languages is Latvian , but I also speak English and German. The most important thing for me, is to be surrounded with those people who have the same mindset as mine, and who want to make strong relationships and be creative in life. Moreover, who can support me and give some advice when I’m falling down.

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'9"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 171.00 lbs

Interests: Film, TV & Video, Modeling, Events, Commercials, Theater

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