Why the Movie Ratings System Sucks [Video]

Project Casting

Check out this critical look into the American Movie Ratings System and how it has changed in order to make Hollywood more money.

Recently, the YouTube channel Good Bad Flicks did an amazing critical review of PG, PG-13 and rated R movies over the last 20 years.

In the critical review, the author demonstrates how movie ratings have changed and ways movie theaters have profited off of the new industry standards.

Many argue that instead of blaming the movie companies for wanting to make more money. Hollywood should redesign the rating system as a whole. Kirby Dick’s exposé about the American movie ratings board, ‘This Film is Not Yet Rated‘ demonstrates how truly absurd the ratings system is.


In the analysis, he points out how few action films are made for adults nowadays. Instead, movies are tailored to younger audiences. For example, Expendables 1 and 2 both were rated R movies with an older target audience. But, when studios decided to change the action film into a PG-13 movie, it did horribly in the box office.

With international box offices becoming more important, this trend will most likely get worse.


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