94% of Women in Hollywood Experienced Sexual Harassment or Assault, Study Finds

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A new survey conducted by USA Today has found that 94% of women in Hollywood have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault.

The survey was conducted in association with the Creative Coalition and Women in Film and Television. USA Today asked 843 women in a variety of positions in Hollywood about their experience with sexual misconduct in the workplace.

The most common behavior described as “unwelcome sexual comments, jokes or gestures to or about you,” which was experienced by 87 percent of respondents. More than half said they have been propositioned for a sexual relationship, 69 percent said they have been touched in a sexual way and 21 percent said they were forced to perform a sexual act.

Only one in four of the women said they reported the inappropriate behavior, and even fewer said their work environment improved as a result.

The survey ultimately shows a pervasive problem within Hollywood.

“It happens so frequently that it’s just the functioning normal,” an unnamed female camera operator told USA Today. “For me, this includes everything from misogynistic or sexual comments made over a headset while working, to blatant grabbing to comments about my body. I’ve spent the last 20 years accepting it as the price of doing business in a ‘man’s job.’ “

“My boss took me to dinner to apologize for being incredibly insulting,” said a producer in her early 60s. “After dinner, he told me to come back to the studio but instead took me to his apartment (that was behind the studio). He then asked me to give him (oral sex). I refused. To which he said, ‘Why do you think I took you to dinner?’ “


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