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Study Finds Hollywood Has a Widespread Bullying Problem

Anita Hill's study finds Hollywood has a bullying problem. Bullying is a problem and runs rampant in Hollywood, according to a new survey. In fact, women are twice as likely to experience abusive workplace conduct...

Coronavirus: Hollywood Filmmakers Issue Warning Theaters Are Facing Extinction

Several of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers have signed an open letter warning the US Congress theaters to face extinction. Jordan Peele, Greta Gerwig, Clint Eastwood, Lulu Wang, Martin Scorsese and more have signed a letter asking...
Self-taped audition

How To Create an Amazing Self-Taped Audition

How to produce a great self-taped audition casting directors and directors will love. Self-taped auditions is quickly becoming the go-to for casting directors across the country. Instead of an actor having to travel to a casting...
Acting Audition Tips

Tips for An Amazing Acting Audition

Read our Acting audition tips for aspiring and working actors. The hardest part about becoming an actor is the fact that each Casting Director is different and have different approaches to how an audition should...
Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is Now Offering Swearing Lessons

Samuel L. Jackson will offer swearing lessons if 2,500 people register to vote. If at least 2,5000 people register to vote through Samuel L. Jackson’s HeadCount website, Samuel L. Jackson promises to offer swearing lessons....
Hollywood Oscars

New Study Shows Little Progress for Diversity in 13 Years of Hollywood Movies

A new University of Southern California diversity study shows little progress for inclusion in 13 years of Hollywood movies. A new University of Southern California study shows Hollywood movies continue to lack diversity and inclusive...

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