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The End

Production Companies Say They Will Not Film in Georgia Over “Heartbeat” Law

Two production companies say they will not film in Georgia over the "heartbeat" bill. In the last few years, Georgia has faced several threats of boycotts over controversial legislation, now the future of the state’s...
Joe Biden

Hollywood Turns Out for Joe Biden’s Presidential 2020 Campaign Event

Joe Biden stars in the first Hollywood fundraising event of his 2020 campaign. According to Variety, Joe Biden spoke to hundreds on Wednesday evening at the home of James Costos and Michael Smith in his...
Robert Downey Jr. Avengers

Here’s How Much A-List Actors Are Getting Paid in 2019

Hollywood actors are making a lot more money now than ever before. In a new report from "Variety", the highest paid actors and actress in 2019 so far for a single movie were released, and...
Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry Shares Amazing Advice On How to Survive Hollywood [VIDEO]

Tyler Perry shares great advice to actors, producers and filmmakers on how to make your own way in Hollywood. How Tyler Perry transformed himself into an international success is an amazing story. Living on the...
Pay Bumps

5 Pay Bumps EVERY Background Actor Should Know

Here are five pay bumps you should know about if you're working as a background extra. On every movie or TV show, some scenes include bars, parks, offices and even street corners. Producers hire background...
Riverdale Casting

“Riverdale” Casting Director, David Rapaport, Reveals How He Finds New Talent

David Rapaport is one of the most prominent casting directors in Hollywood. He is known for casting favorite shows such as “Gossip Girl,” “Arrow,” and “Riverdale.” In a recent interview with EW, Rapaport explains...

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