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Job Detail: We are casting for a prominent role in an exciting new web series set to be filmed in the picturesque landscapes of Jamaica. The series revolves around compelling storytelling, captivating characters, and unforgettable moments. As we embark on this creative journey, we are searching for the perfect fit for the nature of Margaret Adams.

Job Responsibilities: As the selected actor for the role of Margaret Adams, you will play a vital part as a SERIES REGULAR in the web series. Your portrayal of this character is essential in bringing her to life and contributing to the narrative. Margaret Adams is a robust and business-oriented woman in her 40's to 50's, and your performance will showcase her resilience, intelligence, and affectionate nature. Your commitment to understanding and embodying Margaret's persona will help elevate the series and make it an unforgettable experience for our audience.


  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: 40's to 50's
  • Body Type: Heavy-set
  • Ethnicity: Medium Dark (British accent)
  • Acting Skills: Demonstrated experience and talent in portraying complex characters with depth and authenticity.
  • Accents: Proficiency in British accents, especially those with a business-like and authoritative tone.
  • Availability: Ability to commit to the filming schedule and other project-related requirements.

Compensation Details:

  • The role of Margaret Adams is a SERIES REGULAR position, which entails a significant presence throughout the web series.
  • Compensation for the role will be competitive and commensurate with experience.
  • Additional benefits and perks may be provided during the filming process.

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KBC Talent Management

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