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Job Detail: We are excited to announce an upcoming web series titled "Jamaica's Rhythm," set to be filmed in the beautiful landscapes of Jamaica. We are currently searching for a talented and dynamic actor to fill the role of Daniel Brown, a crucial character with a captivating journey as an aspiring artiste. The series promises to be a compelling exploration of music, passion, and overcoming challenges, and we are seeking a dedicated actor to bring this character to life.

Job Responsibilities: The chosen actor will take on the role of Daniel Brown, a late teen aspiring artiste with a troubled past. As a series regular, the actor will significantly impact the storyline and be at the heart of the narrative. Daniel's character will showcase a profound passion for music, driven by giant dreams of success in the industry. The actor will portray Daniel's emotional depth, struggles, and growth throughout the series. Additionally, the actor should be proficient in singing, rapping, or DJing, as Daniel's musical talents will play a crucial role in the plot.


  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Age: Late teens (must be legally aged 18 or above)
  • Acting Skills: The actor should demonstrate exceptional acting abilities, able to emote convincingly and effectively connect with the character's complexities.
  • Musical Talents: The actor must be skilled in either singing, rapping, or DJing, as the character, Daniel Brown, is deeply connected to the world of music. Please provide a sample of your talent during the audition process.
  • Passion and Commitment: We are looking for a dedicated individual who is enthusiastic about this project and is committed to delivering an outstanding performance.
  • Availability: The actor should be available for the filming period in Jamaica. (Exact dates will be provided upon casting.)

Compensation Details: The chosen actor will be compensated according to industry standards for a series of regular roles. Additionally, all travel, accommodation, and meal expenses during the filming period in Jamaica will be covered.

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