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TV & Video

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Job Detail: Warner Bros. is seeking talented actors for a principal role in an upcoming feature film titled "Superman: Legacy." This is a high-profile opportunity to participate in a major studio production with a potential for significant exposure.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the director and cast members to bring the character to life on screen.
  • Memorize lines and deliver them with naturalistic emotion and clarity.
  • Attend all scheduled rehearsals and filming sessions.
  • Take direction and feedback from the film’s creative team.
  • Participate in promotional activities for the film as required.


  • Male child actors of Caucasian appearance.
  • Ability to work as a local hire in Atlanta, GA.
  • Availability for filming around May/June of 2024, with auditions in January.
  • A legal guardian must be present during all working hours.
  • Previous acting experience is a plus but not mandatory.

Compensation Details:

  • Competitive pay commensurate with industry standards for principal roles.
  • Additional benefits may include credits in the film, exposure, and potential for future roles.
  • All travel and accommodation expenses covered if applicable.

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