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5'11 - 6'0 ft

Casting Call: Adult Male Twins for Photo Double

Project Description: We are currently seeking identical adult male twins to work as photo doubles for actor Tramell Tillman in an upcoming project. The ideal candidates will closely match Tramell's physical characteristics, particularly in height, body type, and skin tone. This unique opportunity requires individuals who can closely resemble the actor to ensure continuity and visual consistency throughout the production.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Stand in for Tramell Tillman during various scenes, ensuring that the physical likeness and positioning match those of the actor for camera setups, lighting setups, and rehearsals.

  • Work closely with the director, cinematographers, and other crew members to achieve the desired scenes.

  • Maintain costume and appearance standards to match the actor’s look as closely as possible.

  • Be available for all scheduled shoot dates and times as required by the production schedule.


  • Identical adult male twins, aged 18 years or older.

  • Height: Between 5'11" and 6'0".

  • Hair: Brown and full.

  • Eyes: Brown.

  • Mustache: Full.

  • Suit size: 42 R.

  • Pant size: 32 x 32.

  • Waist: 36.

  • Must have a flexible schedule and be available for the duration of the shooting schedule.

  • Previous experience as a photo double or stand-in is preferred but not required.

  • Must be able to take direction well and work effectively under the pressures of a film production environment.

Compensation Details:

  • Competitive daily rate, commensurate with experience and industry standards.

  • Travel expenses and accommodations provided if shooting location is outside of local area.

  • Other benefits and compensation details will be discussed upon selection.

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