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Casting Call: Eddie Murphy Look-A-Like for "SNL Vintage" Segment

Job Details: We are currently seeking a talented individual to double/portray a look-alike of the legendary comedian Eddie Murphy for an upcoming segment of "SNL Vintage". This role requires someone who bears a strong resemblance to Eddie Murphy in terms of facial features, build, and overall look.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the production team to understand the specific scenes and segments where the Eddie Murphy look-alike is needed.
  • Study and emulate Eddie Murphy's mannerisms and vocal style (if applicable) for a believable portrayal.
  • Be available for costume fittings and makeup sessions as required to achieve the authentic look of Eddie Murphy.
  • Participate in rehearsals as directed by the production staff.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor on set and adhere to the filming schedule.


  • Male, African American ethnicity, resembling Eddie Murphy in appearance.
  • Age: Not specified, but must convincingly pass as Eddie Murphy during his time on SNL.
  • Acting experience preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Ability to follow directions and perform consistently in front of cameras.
  • Flexible availability for the shoot and any preparatory work leading up to it.
  • Local to Atlanta, GA or willing to travel (travel expenses not covered).
  • Must not be part of any other ongoing production that might conflict with scheduling.

Compensation Details:

  • Rate: $182/12 hours of work. This means you will be paid $182 for a 12-hour workday, which includes any breaks.
  • Additional $50 stipend for costume fitting sessions, if required.
  • Date of filming: 5/3 (May 3rd).
  • Location: Atlanta, GA.

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