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Casting Call: Child Leads and Background Actors for Short Film "KITTY"

Project Description:

"KITTY" is a family-friendly short film with a thrilling narrative. The story unfolds when a mother regrets her decision to let her child bring home the class pet, leading to unexpected consequences.

Roles Available:

  1. Child Lead (Role 1): We are seeking one boy or girl to play a 9-year-old. This character faces challenges when things go awry after bringing the class pet home. Must be able to convey a range of emotions as the plot unfolds over two days of filming.

  2. Child Lead (Role 2): We are looking for a child actor, boy or girl, to portray immense excitement about taking the class pet home, unaware of the ensuing troubles. This role requires filming for half a day.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Attend costume fittings as scheduled.

  • Follow direction from the director and crew.

  • Participate in rehearsals and perform scenes as required.

  • Maintain professionalism on set at all times.


  • Boys and girls aged to play 9-year-old characters.

  • Non-union.

  • Must be available for the entirety of the shooting schedule without conflicts.

  • Parent or guardian must accompany the child to the set.


  • Child Lead (Role 1): $216 + $25 travel stipend to parent/guardian. Total compensation for two days: $482 including lunch.

  • Child Lead (Role 2): $216 + $25 travel stipend to parent/guardian for half a day. Total compensation: $133 including lunch.

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