Georgia, United States

Production Type:


Job Type:


Required Skill:

Acting, Voiceover

Casting Call: Powerade - VO - Olympics

Job Details:

We are seeking a voice-over artist for a new Powerade commercial themed around the Olympics. This role requires a dynamic and inspiring voice capable of delivering a compelling message to a diverse audience. The commercial will be broadcasted across various platforms, including TV, digital, and social media, with a primary focus on promoting the energy and determination synonymous with Olympic athletes.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deliver a clear, motivational voice-over in line with the director’s vision for the commercial.

  • Attend recording sessions prepared and on-time.

  • Work collaboratively with the production team to achieve the desired tone and pacing for the voice-over.

  • Be available for potential re-recordings or additional sessions if required (within the contract period).


  • Proven experience in voice-over work, particularly in commercials or related media.

  • Ability to convey emotion and enthusiasm through voice, matching the high-energy tone of a sports-focused advertisement.

  • Flexible availability for recording sessions and potential call-backs.

  • Non-union talent only.

  • Professional demeanor and reliability.

Compensation Details:

  • Recording Days: $575 per day.

  • Additional Usage Fee: An additional $3,000 will be paid if the voice-over is used in the final commercial product.

  • Renewal Terms: Should the commercial continue beyond the initial one-year run, a renewal fee equivalent to a 10% increase of the usage fee will be offered, with subsequent 10% increases for each additional year.

  • Agent’s Fee: If represented by an agent (other than oneself), a 20% agent’s fee will apply and will be included in the payment calculation.

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