New Jersey, United States

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CASTING CALL: NJ Indie Horror short

Shooting: Central Jersey, aiming for July/August 2023


Logline: Four college students go up to a cabin for a weekend but by the end of the weekend, none of them return home.

Character Descriptions (19-25; any race/gender preferences are welcomed):

Angela - early 20s, girl-next-door type, comes off prim & proper but underneath has a dark side

Kim - early 20s, spunky best friend, not afraid to speak her mind and is loyal to her friends, free-spirited

Paul - early 20s, goofball but means well, stands up for what’s good, can come across corny

Robbie - early 20s, overly confident jock, speaks before he thinks, dry sense of humor

Ambiguous male character - in search for tall (5’10 +) male. Non-speaking.

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