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Casting Call: Stand-In Role for Upcoming Project

Job Description: We are currently seeking a stand-in for an upcoming filming project on Friday, December 8th. The role requires a stand-in to substitute for an actor for lighting and camera blocking purposes. This role is vital for ensuring the technical aspects of the scene are correctly set up before the actor's performance.


  • Work closely with the director, cinematographer, and lighting crew.
  • Take the place of the actor for lighting and camera setup.
  • Follow directions for scene positioning and movement.
  • Be available for the entire duration of the shoot.


  • Ethnicity: Latina or Light Skin African American Female.
  • Physical Characteristics: Dark hair, height between 5'5" and 5'7", weighing between 115 to 135 lbs.
  • Age: Between 20s and 40s.
  • Must be local to Chicago, its suburbs, or surrounding border states to Illinois.
  • Ability to follow directions accurately and work under time constraints.
  • Previous stand-in experience is a plus but not mandatory.


  • Rate: $172 for 8 hours of work.
  • Overtime: Time and a half for hours worked beyond the initial 8.
  • Payment: A check will be issued approximately two weeks after the day of filming.

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