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Music Video

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Casting Call for Background Dancers

Job Description:
We are excited to announce an open casting call for background dancers for the music video "Signal," featuring Austin-based artist Nakia. This project seeks energetic individuals who are comfortable with movement and have a flair for visually engaging performances.


  1. Participate in line dancing scenes or high fashion segments as directed.
  2. Learn choreography and perform movements with confidence and enthusiasm.
  3. Attend costume fittings and makeup sessions as required.
  4. Collaborate with the director and other dancers to ensure a cohesive visual performance.
  5. Follow directions from the choreographer and be willing to try new movements.


  • Must be 21 years or older.
  • Ability to work as a local hire in Austin, TX.
  • Comfortable with physical activities such as dancing, bending, and stretching.
  • Specific requirements for roles:
    1. Two large men with a heavy-set build, ready to learn line dancing with a "good ol’ boy, country flair."
    2. Two dancers with striking features or a unique look, comfortable with riding a mechanical bull (operated at safe speeds).

Compensation Details:

  • $75 for a 4-hour shoot.
  • Payment will be rendered upon completion of the shoot day.

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