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Monster Beautiful Horror Musical

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Nevada, , United States

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Acting, Singing

Casting "Monster Beautiful," a live musical theater performance taking place this April 20th

This is a live workshop for our production, which we are producing both a theatrical and feature film for.  We are looking for talent that wishes to take part in this journey with us and may want to be considered for the feature.


Mrs. Sven
Age: 30 - 60
Skills: Acting, Musical Theater, Singing

The brilliant and strong willed Mrs. Sven is the wife of equally brilliant scientist and college professor Ethan Sven.  Once the a loving power couple, the two have drifted from each other over the years and as her husband disappears into his basement laboratory for days and weeks on end, Mrs. Sven finds distractions in her various affair partners, some of whom are the top pedigree of their graduating college classes. She is facing an impasse in her life and is finding herself growing older and missing out on her own dreams and ambitions.

Age: 15 - 22
Skills: Acting, Musical Theater, Singing, Guitar (optional)

An ambitious, aggressive and talented artist with a strong passion to leave the dreary, dead end town of his origin and make a name for himself. His demeanor comes off to people as abrasive and rude, but he has no time for pleasantries, as he sees the clock ticking away and has only one shot to establish himself and his life on his own terms.



Monster Beautiful is like Frankenstein meets Masters of Sex, set in a modern yet uncanny alternative world. The musical blends the comfortable feel of classic entertainment with the raw, unbridled energy of Rent bursting uncontrollably and unexpectedly from the seams, subtly weaving contemporary challenges to gender roles, expectations, stereotypes, sexuality, and agency.

Monster Beautiful follows a novice scientist, Ruthie, and her mentor, Professor Ethan Sven, on the eve of both of their greatest triumphs. Ruthie is a shoe in to receive a major award that would solidify her career as a scientist and professor Sven needs just one more piece to complete his greatest and most horrible secret project, the culmination of years of research that links him directly to the Whitechapel murders, the perfect woman created from the pieces of his nightly victims. Yet Ruthie's artistic lover, Austin, can't understand her infatuation with the pedestrian, black and white world of science and Mrs. Marion Sven, lonely from years of neglect, has found comfort in the arms of her many lovers. Ruthie and the professor are about to get everything they ever wanted, when one question both drives them apart and binds them together to complete one final experiment, "How far should you go to create a masterpiece?

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Shockfest Horror Factory
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