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4'2 - 4'2 ft

Casting Call: Minor Photo Double Needed for Feature Film "Oops All Berries"

Job Responsibilities:

  • Stand-in for the principal actor during various film scenes, lighting, and camera setup.
  • Work closely with the directors and crew to ensure consistency in the visual output of the film.
  • Follow instructions from the director and photography director to pose, act, or perform minor actions as required for scene setups.
  • Maintain professionalism and discipline on set, adhering to the schedule and directions provided by the film crew.


  • Age: Must be a minor (please specify your age or the age range you fall into).
  • Height: Must be close in height to 4’2”.
  • Appearance: Must have a similar skin tone and hair color/style to the photo provided with this casting call. (Note: As there's no photo attached here, please ensure you have access to the reference photo before applying.)
  • Availability: Must be available for the entirety of the work date specified.
  • Location: Must be able to reliably commute to or reside near Union City, GA, for the duration of the filming day.
  • Experience: Previous experience as a photo double is preferred but not required.
  • Work Authorization: Must be eligible to work in the United States. If under 18, must have guardian permission and appropriate work permits as required by Georgia state law.

Compensation Details:

  • The role is compensated at a rate of $196 for a 12-hour day.
  • Any work beyond 12 hours will be compensated accordingly, as per industry standards.
  • Travel and accommodation are not covered unless specified otherwise.

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