Project Casting
All States, Australia
Posted 4 months ago

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TV & Video

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Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian

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Job Description

MALE - who can believably play 15 - 17 years old. 
Please note for this role we are open to seeing people with cultural and ethnic backgrounds including (but not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese & Arabian. This character comes from Western Sydney and we would love to focus on targeting individuals from any cultural backgrounds specific to that region. 
A school friend of Priya’s, AMIR, like her, is into making music, but also science. He's smart and he knows it - a smart arse even. His TikTok is full of energetic, explosive experiments, but they’re always backed up by the technical detail and science fact of what makes it happen. He works after school in his family’s convenience store - it’s just opposite the warehouse where Priya’s dad works at nights, so the families know each other well. He is fun-loving, hard-working, a strong student and a passionate supporter of anything Priya wants. He has a secret crush on her, but is too scared of messing up their friendship to let on. His first response to any situation is humour. There are three generations of his family living in the shop - his frail but tough immigrant grandma who has very little English, as well as his parents (but they’re back in the homeland on family business at the moment) and then there’s his big brother Mo.
We are looking for ethnically diverse young males aged between 15-27 to play supporting roles in a proof of concept for an exciting news series for TikTok.

The characters are from Western Sydney, and we are looking to cast individuals from various cultural backgrounds specific to the area. These include (but are not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese, Arabian, etc.