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Casting Call: Hispanic Abuelas and Hero Hispanic Female Dancer for Home Campaign

About the Project: We are excited to announce an upcoming Home Campaign focusing on everyday life and cultural vibrancy. We are seeking to cast two distinct roles to bring authenticity and warmth to our visual narrative. This campaign will feature non-speaking roles in a series of heartwarming and dynamic scenes set in a home environment.


  1. Hispanic Abuelas (Grandmothers)

    • Age: 60 to 80
    • Character Brief: We are looking for loving, endearing grandmothers who are small in stature but exhibit a tough, resilient spirit. The ideal candidates will bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to the role, embodying the quintessential abuela with all her wisdom and kindness.
  2. Hero Hispanic Female Dancer

    • Age: 30 to 40
    • Character Brief: Seeking a Hispanic female with a flair for dancing, capable of performing Latin-inspired dance routines. While professional dance experience is not required, candidates should have some dance background and be able to move well and work with choreography. The role involves dancing through a bedroom setting, interacting with furniture in a fluid and engaging manner.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in filming on set in Toronto, adhering to the scheduled times and guidelines provided by the director.
  • Collaborate with the creative team to bring the visual concept to life, following direction and contributing to a positive, dynamic set environment.


  • Must identify as Hispanic and fit the age profile for the respective roles.
  • Ability to attend auditions in Toronto, if required, and be available for all shooting dates.
  • For the dancer role: Some experience in dance, with the ability to adapt to choreography and perform in a home setting creatively interacting with the environment.


  • Hispanic Abuelas: Approximately $4,175.00.
  • Hero Hispanic Female Dancer: Approximately $5,575.00.

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