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Casting Call: Documentary Film in Norfolk

Job Details: We are currently seeking local actors and background actors (SA's) for a documentary film shooting in Norfolk. The project aims to capture authentic, compelling stories and experiences.

Job Responsibilities: Selected candidates will be portraying various roles that reflect the diverse range of characters in the documentary. Each role may have specific scenes and dialogue, and extras will be involved in background shots.


  1. Male, Age 30-40:

    • Dark Brown eyes, Dark Messy Hair, Stubble, Tanned Complexion
  2. Female, 30's:

    • Blonde Hair, Dark Eyes, Petite
  3. Male, 20-30's:

    • Tanned Complexion, Bushy eyebrows, Dark Eyes, Skinny
  4. Male, 40-50's:

    • Round Face, Blue Eyes, Greying Hair
  5. Female, Playing Age 17 (Must be 18 and over):

    • Long Curly Reddish Hair
  6. Female, 18-20's:

    • Short Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Slim Face
  7. Females, Playing Age 12-15 (Must be 18 and over):

    • Blonde, Petite, Pale
  8. Male, 50-60:

    • Dark Hair, Thin Build
  9. Male, 40-50's:

    • Greying Hair and Beard, Skinny
  10. Male, 40's:

    • Shoulder length Dark Hair
  11. Males, 20-40's:

  12. Female, 30-40's:


  • Tuesday, 3rd October
  • Wednesday, 4th October
  • Thursday, 5th October


  • Compensation will be provided based on the role and time commitment required. Specific details will be discussed during the selection process.

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