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Casting Call: Three Small Dogs for TV Show

Job Description:
We are excited to announce a casting call for three small dogs to participate in an upcoming TV show filming in Atlanta. We are seeking to cast dogs that closely resemble the dogs pictured in the original casting call notice. The selected dogs must be exceptionally friendly with both people and other dogs and should be able to work collaboratively in a dynamic filming environment.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in filming as per the director's requirements, potentially including specific actions and movements as instructed by the handler or trainer.
  • Interact positively with other canine actors and human cast and crew members on set.
  • Perform trained behaviors on cue, including performing without leash and responding to silent hand signals (if able).
  • Maintain a professional demeanor (as much as a dog can!) in a busy, distracting environment typical of a film set.


  • Must closely resemble the reference dog in appearance (photos must be submitted with application).
  • Must be well-socialized, brave, and obedient in new environments and around various distractions.
  • Must demonstrate basic obedience skills off-leash.
  • Ability to respond to silent hand signals is highly preferred but not mandatory.
  • Must be local to Atlanta or able to commute as needed without undue stress.
  • Owners/trainers must have a flexible schedule throughout November 2024 to accommodate filming dates and potential call-backs or additional shooting requirements.


  • Competitive pay per day of filming.
  • Food and water will be provided for the dogs on set.
  • Any travel expenses incurred for commuting to set locations in Atlanta will be reimbursed.

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